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This page is designed to help you know what we look for when we are testing a module for usability as well as functionality.

  • When clicking on the module in one of the module lists, the configuration window should open up right away. Do all of your start-up in a background thread
  • Your module should never cause a crash in the application
  • Blatant spelling mistakes
  • Save is disabled when not all of the settings are specified or settings are incorrect
  • Consistency between module names and other terminology in the event/reaction lists, configuration windows and display panel
  • Clear and concise error messages printed to Mayhem's error log when a user tries to do something that is not allowed (e.g. turning on a connection that uses a module that requires an internet connection when no internet connection is present) or when something has gone awry (e.g. a connection that opens a program from a specific location is turned on or triggered and then notices that said program cannot be found [an error regarding that situation should be printed to the error log])
  • Configuration windows should not be able to pass the edge of a user's screen
  • Appropriate, reliable and timely responses for all modules
  • Settings and connection state for all modules should be saved when Mayhem is closed and reopened (possible exception is passwords or other private data. These should not be saved in plain text form) 
  • Module descriptions should be as detailed and user-friendly as possible (i.e. contain little-to-no jargon)
  • Module titles and descriptions should remain consistent with preexisting Mayhem module formats and tense
  • If module is configurable, make sure that every option in the configuration window is clearly labeled and explained (if necessary)
  • Do not allow for contradiction or confusion in configuration windows (e.g. do not use checkboxes where radio buttons would be more appropriate for the module's functionality)

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