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Welcome! It looks like you are interested in writing modules for Mayhem. Good, the platform is waiting for you. I'm going to explain what you need to get started. Namely, how to set up your Visual Studio installation to be able to write modules. I will be referencing VS2010. Let's get started.

Make a new class library project.

Open Visual Studio and create a new C# class library project.

Make sure NuGet is installed in Visual Studio.

If you haven’t installed NuGet previously, you will need to install it now. NuGet is an open source Visual Studio Add-On which Mayhem uses to manage packages. NuGet has its own installation guide, located here. Complete their guide and verify that NuGet is installed successfully.

Add the Mayhem NuGet Package Feed

Right click on references for your project and choose Manage NuGet Packages. We need to add the Mayhem NuGet Package feed to the list of online feeds, so choose settings on the bottom left.

Enter the following for the dialog:


Click OK.. Now, under the “Online” section, you will see “Mayhem Packages” as one of the options. Choose that. We now have the ability to add references to other packages.

Add the References

In order to create a Mayhem Module we have to be able to connect to the Mayhem Core, so install that package.

If you are creating a module that will have a configuration dialog, you should install MayhemWpf as well. MayhemWpf contains the default styles and base classes to be able to write configuration dialogs.

Now that you have the necessary packages installed, click Close. You will notice that in the references section there are now references to MayhemCore and MayhemWpf. This process also added a file called packages.config.

If you are making a module that will have a configuration window, you also need to add references to PresentationCore, PresentationFramework, System.Xaml, and WindowsBase.

Write Your Module

You're ready to start writing modules for Mayhem!

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