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Mayhem current and upcoming components

We'll use this page to list and classify Mayhem components.

Implemented Events

  • Motion detector
  • Face detector
  • Timer
  • Keyboard event

Implemented Actions

  • Debug Event (Popup Window)
  • Post Twitter Update
  • Play Sound
  • Take Snapshot

Events that need to be implemented

  • Alarm
  • Alarm tied to Outlook Calendar Event
  • Twitter User activity
  • Facebook User activity
  • Serial Port
  • SMS / Email Received
  • Sound Activation
  • Sound Activity Level
  • Serial Port: listen for string
  • Serial Port: listen for string / get specific event from Arduino
  • Network Port: listen for string
  • Kinect Events (remain to be specified)

Actions that need to be implemented

  • Take snapshot and post to Twitter (i.e. via TwitPic)
  • Post on Facebook Wall
  • Play video
  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Media Player (various controls)
  • Post Facebook updates
  • Serial Port: send string
  • Serial Port: send string / specific command to Arduino
  • Network Port: send string



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