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Possible Project Archiving of Mayhem

Sep 10, 2013 at 10:02 PM

The Outercurve Foundation supports free and open source software projects and communities to help them evolve and grow. Occasionally, a project and its community run its course. Interest in the project may have waned or the technology may have matured to a stable point and require no further advancement. At such times, it is appropriate to work with the project's gallery manager and project leadership to move the project to the Outercurve Project Archive. In a sense, project archival is way of tagging projects that are no longer considered "active." More information on Outercurve Foundation's archiving process is available at

Due to a continuing decline in interest in Mayhem as a community-based open source Mayhem, Mayhem fits the criteria for archival. This month the Outercurve Board of Directors will vote on archiving Mayhem. Should this be approved there will be changes in how Mayhem works as a project. Before sharing those, I want to make clear what won't change:
  • The source code repository and history will continue to be available on CodePlex. Anyone may use this code as long as they comply with the Apache 2.0 license, as has always been the case.
  • All current downloads will continue to be available via CodePlex.
  • All documentation will continue to be available via CodePlex.
  • The issue tracker will still be available.
The changes are as follows:
  • A generic "Outercurve" user will take sole ownership of the source code repositories and lock them so no one can commit to the repository.
  • A generic "Outercurve" user will listen on the forums for any further interest in restarting the project.
If, at some future time, people want to re-activate the project, they may do so by resubmitting a project proposal to Outercurve.

I will update this thread with additional information about project archival should it be approved.

Thank you for your continued dedication to open source software and your interest in Mayhem.

Eric Schultz
Developer Advocate, Outercurve Foundation