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List of Mayhem Keywords

This is a list of Keywords that are useful for Mayhem developers:
  • Mayhem : The name of the main application interface, and the name of the project as a whole (overloaded keyword)
  • Mayhem Core : The main code that powers everything. Mayhem (the application) uses Mayhem Core for handling most of the work. This core is being used to power the phone application as well.
  • Event : An Event is something that occurs when something changes in the world around mayhem (A button is pushed on an xbox controller, a webcam detects motion, the temperature drops, a friend posts on your facebook wall…)
  • Reaction: Something that does something to the world around mayhem (take a picture, turn on your lights, write on your facebook wall…)
  • Module: Term to describe either an Event or a Reaction.
  • Add-On: A set of Modules
  • Connection: A pairing of an event with a reaction

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