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So you wrote a module, added it to the Mayhem packages folder, tried to use it and it didn't work! This guide will explain how you can debug that module.

!Method 1: Attach to Process with Visual Studio
The cleanest method of debugging is to use Visual Studio's Attach to Process feature. This is avaliable in all editions of visual studio except VS Express.

Run Mayhem with your module installed. In your VS window, choose Debug -> Attach to Process...
Under the list of Available Processes, choose the line with the Process Mayhem.exe.
Click Attach.

Now you can set breakpoints, view exceptions, and use the regular debugging tools.
More information about attaching to processes

!Method 2: Message Boxes, Logging to a file
Without the attach to process feature, it is significantly harder to debug modules. Your best bet is to use popup windows with information you could be interested in, or logging messages to a file.

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